Where is your "there"?

Get there. From here.

OSU in Tulsa

An internationally recognized Oklahoma State University degree takes you where you want to go—to a higher salary, lifelong connections, better opportunities and a more secure future. Conveniently located downtown, OSU's degree programs, professors and research opportunities in Tulsa are the same as those in Stillwater. So get there, from here:

  • The Princeton Review named OSU a “best college value.”
  • The Wall Street Journal lists OSU, along with Harvard and Stanford, among the top 50 schools whose graduates are highly rated by corporate recruiters.
  • Our undergraduate tuition and fees are among the Big 12’s lowest, for an affordable degree of the highest quality. What’s more, starting and mid-career salaries for OSU graduates are thousands of dollars more than for graduates of regional universities.

OSU in Tulsa offers access to world-class facilities, cutting-edge technology, local internships—life-long connections with professors, alumni and friends. Our wide variety of majors suits many interests while convenient class times work with your busy schedule, all at a location that keeps you close to work and family—not to mention near booming downtown Tulsa development. Stay in one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful cities, and become one of America’s Brightest Orange.